Reader: Week of January 19, 2015

charles-Wilkin-masters-project-2-600x822- I’m in love with these collage works by artist Charles Wilkins. Opening Feb 5 in Brooklyn.

- Interview with Band of Outsiders’ Scott Sternberg: “I wanted to create a super fresh, clean environment that didn’t draw upon retail cliches but created sort of a blank slate for the collections and other projects we plan to display and launch in the shop.

- I want to go to Tokyo!

Reader: Week of Nov 24, 2014

119- 63 things a mom found in her baby’s mouth.

- Corrupt Chinese general had 12 trucks worth of bribe money stashed in his home.

- The fashion diary of a homeless man.

- Super affordable online courses thru Black Friday.

- Redefining wearable tech at Decoded Fashion.

- Moleskine teams up with Adobe so you can edit your hand drawn art in Photoshop and Illustrator. Boom.

- A lovely interview with one of my favorite artists Wangechi Mutu.

- Interview with Gillian Flynn and Cheryl Strayed.

- Murakami’s memory of the Berlin Wall.

- Richard Prince is a troll.

- What texting does to your spine.

- The Pirelli calendar.

- Tilda Swinton turns fashion into art.

- The best cycling gear of 2014.

Reader: Week of Nov 17, 2014

thom-browne-mr-porter-2014-02-960x640- Loving the Thom Browne exclusive for Mr. Porter.

- How to read corpses.

- Rauschenberg’s best friend Ray Johnson was not only a great artist but a power networker.

- Cycling is like being a woman… …

324521- The Chinese enter Italy, work illegally and under dangerous environments, and smuggle euros out. Made in Italy don’t mean shit til you know how your favorite brands treat their manufacturers and in turn how those manufacturers treat their employees.

- Vince, the billion dollar brand’s six point strategy for growth.

- Maybe I should set up a gallery inside my sweat shop.

- Didn’t know Egon Schiele died at 28.


Reader: April 12, 2014

- Ejecta, your bones. Your bones!

- On storytelling and experience at the intersection of video games and literature. “The book publishing industry needs to carve out a more interesting, necessary space for itself in the digital world…There is certainly unutilized talent in the literary world capable of writing the pants off of a lot of what passes for dialogue or in-game text in many mainstream video games.”

- Dirty secrets of airplanes.

A generic brand video using all stock images.

- Art historian Calvin Tomkins profiles video art star Ryan Trecartin.

- Kafka’s jokebook: “If the system has no place for you, and you’re forced to live on its fringes teetering between poverty and anarchy… you may be a redneck.”

- Sustainably produced condoms.

- Mulitple transformations of the Armory.

Surreal & bestial paintings by Gabriel Grun.


Reader: August 28, 2013

More than a years worth of saved bookmarks later, some cool links:

- On reading and its closeness to suicide. I’ve also learned I’m a bookphile.

- Paintings of uncertainty by Alex Hall.
- “If you feel no love,” Tolstoy writes, “sit still. Occupy yourself with things, with yourself, with anything you like, only not with men. … Only let yourself deal with a man without love … and there are no limits to the suffering you will bring on yourself.”
- Missing this kind of feeling.


Reader: April 23, 2013

- Frightening but awesome photos of surfers swimming underwater by Mark Tipple.

- The importance of cultivating creativity in kids: “In essence, if we help unlock our kids’ creativity, and free them to construct meaningful problems of their own to solve, it will serve as valuable practice for a future that neither we or they can even dream of yet.”

- Beyonce and Andre 3000′s remake of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black is SEXY. Also Lana Del Ray’s track for the same Gatsby soundtrack. I’m looking forward to the soundtrack more than the movie!

- Hate sleeping alone? Knit your own boyfriend body pillow.

- A snazzy publication called Four & Sons is dedicated to the man and his best friend.

- Best yoga retreats to OM your stress away in the US.

- Art stars Cory Arcangel and Ryan Gander start their own clothing lines. I told you art and fashion are inseparable!

- Pokemon characters minimalized and with mustaches!

- An insightful interview with Michael Pollan for his new book Cooked: “What we cook has an enormous bearing on the kind of agriculture we have. And on the other end the best predictor of a healthy diet is not a nutrient or a particular food, but an activity–cooking–and specifically, who is cooking your food, is it a corporation or a human being? That is a key predictor of the healthfulness of your diet and the likelihood of whether you are struggling with obesity or chronic disease.”

- I want a new Apple-ized punchbuggy.

- Psy is nominated for 6 Billboard music awards. Hurrah Korea!

- Lianne La Havas, I love you, you are amazing.

- Fab is raising a new round of funding at $1 BILLION valuation. Put that money to good use and hire me already!!!

- IO Echo’s interactive music video born out of the concept of Orwellian surveillance.

- A compendium of design wisdom by Sara Bader.

- Icky: ramen flavored chocolate bars.

Reader: April 19, 2013

- I am fascinated by this boy.

- I just signed up for a Honda EV. No down payment $389/month for 36 months includes maintenance. YES.

- More background story behind the Dove viral video.

- Conjuring up beauty both ancient and modern.

- Interview with Dwell Studio founder Christiane Lemieux.

- Men, you are not as beautiful as you think.

- Local retail shop Dalaga brought out a new lookbook.

- Interview with Andrew Carmellini and his new restaurant Lafayette.

- Kenneth Cole does it again with an inappropriate tweet.

- How to be Beyonce.

Reader: April 18, 2013

- Oh Adam Driver, how do you stay so hot and so ugly at the SAME TIME?

- Sure, let’s celebritize and consumerize our daily living some more and wear clothes by pseudo local celebrities. I only rant because I envy SuChin Pak’s cool factor.

- Reaction to Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign: “Just as ads of yore leveraged the attitudes that made women feel bad about their looks in order to sell products, the Dove campaign for Real Beauty leverages the response to those attitudes in order to sell products. It allows for exactly one way that women can feel about our looks – bad – and creates a template for women’s relationship with their looks that’s just as rigid as the beauty standard it’s challenging.”

- The female gaze in the digital age: “But visuals are a quicker fix, an immediate surge of pleasure. Looking at faces made up in the latest lip innovation, and photos of regular people wearing beautiful clothes, is a kind of gallery-going, a form of art patronage…The Internet is the great democratizer, and over the past decade and a half, it has trained my brain to want things presented reasonably, fairly, accessibly.”

- Creepy pictures of animals morphed on Photoshop.

- Eyebeam thrives after damages incurred by Hurricane Sandy.

- Poor conan needs some love.

- Some information you should know about ricin: “For people, ricin is very deadly – especially if injected or inhaled. A 2009 analysis, for instance, on “Ricin as a weapon of mass terror,” pointed out that it’s slightly less dangerous when swallowed, where it tends to cause damage to the mucusol lining of the stomach but is not absorbed as effectively.”

- My iPhone hasn’t cured my panic attacks. Alas, I am hopeless.

- Nipple tattooing is a trend in the UK. Crazy brits.

- How to deal with creative millennials who are a disaster to work with: “The key to attracting and retaining them, though, is providing an empathetic culture that places equal importance on empathy and accountability.”



Reader: April 17, 2013

- Someone please host a screening with these old school stop animation films.

- A book on closed-loop manufacturing processes aka sustainable design and production.

- Just when I was thinking I should memorize some poems I learn there’s an app for that.

- The Kama Sutra Alphabet.

- Pack your mindfulness when traveling.

- I’m going to buy this electric Fiat. Done.

- Q & A with a major airline pilot.

- Share why you do what you with /purpose.

- Kool-Aid man is 59 years old!

- DIY alcoholic Dippin’ Dots!