A Boozy Dessert Bar is Coming to Brooklyn

If you’ve ever gorged on gourmet hot dogs, pupusas, lobster rolls, donuts, ice cream and other offerings at the gluttonous food market Smorgasburg or you’re a self-appointed rolodex of Brooklyn based artisanal baked goods with a weapon of a sweet tooth, then you’re privy to the gloriousness that is Kumquat Cupcakery and First Prize Pies. In a few months, the queens of maple bacon mini cupcakes and Mexican chocolate cream pies are merging their efforts to open a boozy dessert bar in Brooklyn named “Butter and Scotch”.

Seasonally driven using the best ingredients found in the bar and the kitchen alike, Butter and Scotch will offer seamlessly paired plates and cocktails. I’ve been victim to too many bitter aftertastes chugging wine with cakes and thanks to Allison and Keavy I will suffer no more. Think a strawberry syrup that functions both as an in house liqueur and ice cream topping. An accessible and balanced menu like this will make you want to stuff your face and croak in heavenly bliss.

They are currently looking for the perfect location in Brooklyn and hope to open late spring / early summer of next year. Until then you can find their cupcakes and pies at Smorgasburg.

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4 thoughts on “A Boozy Dessert Bar is Coming to Brooklyn
  1. A perfect location would be Windsor Terrace. We’ve been having some great food places open recently, but nothing that’s geared towards later-night and desserts which is sorely needed.

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