Reader: April 23, 2013

– Frightening but awesome photos of surfers swimming underwater by Mark Tipple.

– The importance of cultivating creativity in kids: “In essence, if we help unlock our kids’ creativity, and free them to construct meaningful problems of their own to solve, it will serve as valuable practice for a future that neither we or they can even dream of yet.”

– Beyonce and Andre 3000’s remake of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black is SEXY. Also Lana Del Ray’s track for the same Gatsby soundtrack. I’m looking forward to the soundtrack more than the movie!

– Hate sleeping alone? Knit your own boyfriend body pillow.

– A snazzy publication called Four & Sons is dedicated to the man and his best friend.

– Best yoga retreats to OM your stress away in the US.

– Art stars Cory Arcangel and Ryan Gander start their own clothing lines. I told you art and fashion are inseparable!

– Pokemon characters minimalized and with mustaches!

– An insightful interview with Michael Pollan for his new book Cooked: “What we cook has an enormous bearing on the kind of agriculture we have. And on the other end the best predictor of a healthy diet is not a nutrient or a particular food, but an activity–cooking–and specifically, who is cooking your food, is it a corporation or a human being? That is a key predictor of the healthfulness of your diet and the likelihood of whether you are struggling with obesity or chronic disease.”

– I want a new Apple-ized punchbuggy.

– Psy is nominated for 6 Billboard music awards. Hurrah Korea!

Lianne La Havas, I love you, you are amazing.

– Fab is raising a new round of funding at $1 BILLION valuation. Put that money to good use and hire me already!!!

IO Echo’s interactive music video born out of the concept of Orwellian surveillance.

– A compendium of design wisdom by Sara Bader.

– Icky: ramen flavored chocolate bars.

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