Reader: March 24, 2013

- How printing ink is made.

- Interview with T Magazine’s creative director Patrick Li.

- Crowd Supply, the new crowdfunding platform for product designers.

- Tilda Swinton as a performance artist sleeping inside a box at MoMA? I’ll take it.

- Harmony Korine AMA on reddit.

- The best photogenic dog award goes to: Maddie.

- Jash and the new Hollywood.

- Disney princesses get the Spring Breakers treatment.

- “Koreans have the reputation for being nose-to-the-grindstone, study-smarties. But looking around Seoul today, one can only conclude they’re ready to enjoy themselves.” Hell, yeah.

- A German artist based in Korea paints houses with a keen and minimal eye towards architecture.

- Solange interviews artist Mickalene Thomas.

- Ryan Gosling, in GIF form. And then, more GIFs.

- In other news, South Korea may make mini skirts illegal, again.

- Tough guys and thumbs up.

- And behold, the pony mixer.

- Admit it, you’re TOTALLY kegeling right now.


- Where does Velveeta come from?

- Swirly porn paintings.

- The alternative to running away to Vegas to get married? The Pop-Up Wedding.

- Am I in love with Opening Ceremony for launching their own line of Spring Breakers wear? Yes.

- Loveflutter is a new dating site that uses Google’s Knowledge Graph and Foursquare to match your interests and recommend place for dates.

Sorry I’m Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

- I wonder how long it took to make this stop motion video.

- 23 more days to fund the Arrested Development documentary. Also, 2 more months til Arrested Development.

- “So monogamy appears to be a cultural phenomenon that has its origins in economics of all places.”

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