Reader: November 13, 2012

– 10 bets you will never use.

LA Game Space hosts workshops, talks, exhibits, labs and residencies. Contribute to their Kickstarter campaign to support the opening of an amazing physical space and exploring innovative video games.

– Paula Broadwell is HOT. You go, girl.

– Meryl Streep eating mushrooms.

– Illustrations of famous people’s ideal bookshelf.

– The complete guide to Thanksgiving drinking.


– Venice is underwater and people are having a grand ol’ time.

– Thanksgiving tablesetting tips from Caitlin Mociun.

– Saying Bjork’s new video is wicked is an understatement.

– Red Hook Lobster Pound experienced extensive damage in their storefront space and needs help to rebuild.

– Learn a new language for free while helping to translate the web. Genius!

– The worst hipster styles.

“The main rule of writing is that if you do it with enough assurance and confidence, you’re allowed to do whatever you like.”

– Five top women chefs in Brooklyn.

Awesome pictures of our president. Also, our president being adorable.

– South Korean Prehistory Museum is a giant cyborg worm monster thing.

– Old pictures from 1900 – 77.

– Artists’ and their kickass studios.

– Parents in Park Slope are assholes…

– I found another food blog to drool over.

Paloma Faith’s eyebrows are very distracting.

– Pretty, visually friendly books.

– Asking good questions is an art.

– How to make dried persimmons.

– This is Twitter, on itself.

Dubstep Dinosaurs. ’nuff said.

– Why the hell is Loosecubes shutting down??

– I am getting my hands on challk-based spray paint asap.

– How to become an ideal apprentice.

– Adam Roberts has got another cookbook out.

– Nasty reviews of classic albums.

From Jason Cohen:”The goal of the entrepreneur is not to be “right.” It’s to construct with humility. To listen and talk simultaneously. To infect customers and employees with your peculiar disease. To live to fight another day. To acknowledge being wrong before the fault turns fatal.”

– What successful freelancers do before lunchtime.

– Take Sidetours. It’s good for your curiosity and creativity.

Foldable rain boots! The world is not ending yet! Also, best shoes for traveling.

The satanic TOASTER!!

– Take me to a useless website, please.

– A list of the best cocktails in NYC.

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