Reader: October 11, 2012

– Rirkrit Tiravanija replicates Arto Lindsay’s apartment for this exhibition at kurimanzutto in Mexico City. The noodle bowl is present too of course.

– Pictures of brick and mortar shops.

Sidecar, a ride-sharing app. I was hoping Uber would come up with that next.

– How Zumba fitness turned pirates into a marketing street team.

– How do you make a day of joy and order instead of a day of fruitless labor and chaos? Caterina Fake on How to Create Time. “Make Time Less Precious.” Amen.

– Keeping separate notebooks for notes and to do lists, writing emails that are no longer than 5 sentences, creating work environments that are homey, and I love this How I Work series very much.

Morrissey’s in town. He was so grumpy on Colbert.

– How to create box outlines on photoshop.

– I want to go to South Africa!

– Bad girls throughout history.

– Attic home offices.

Warby Parker’s going on a road trip.

Cider week means we’re going apple picking this weekend!

– The New York Doughnut Map.

– Four Tet and Jamie XX is coming to Greenpoint.

– A skatetruck that’ll delivery roller skates to where you want ’em. Perfect for your cheesy ’80s birthday party.

– Who wants to dine with me at The Library?

– Kate Bingaman Burt is one of my favorite artists and I’m totally scoring these kitchen linens she designed for Poketo.

– How is it possible I just found out about Brooklyn Beta?

– Cathy Erway is teaching a cooking class focused on date meals at home.

– Chitra is teaching a cooking class centered around Indian and fall harvests.

– Victoria is hosting a dinner party this Saturday with Talisa’s parents who’ll be cooking up a South African menu.

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