Reader: October 24, 2012

Interview with James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief of Saveur Magazine. “We strive, first and foremost, to tell human stories. Even if just a story about a specific dish or specific cooking technique, we’re telling some aspect of what people all around the world do in their kitchens and at their dinner tables.” He’s a great photographer too.

– Turn around a grumpy day simply by socializing, and NOT relying on Ben & Jerry’s.

– An incisive review of Tom Wolfe’s new novel Back to Blood. “Back to Blood is obsessed with cultural abrasion, with the way different classes and races vie for power in a city whose largest demographic is composed not so much of a single nationality as, instead, confederations of “non-Americans” pitted against an eroding white hegemony.” Oh and fact, Wolfe was paid 7 MILLION for this book AND he’s an old pervert. WTF?!

Adapting rituals for productive writers: “Whether it’s gathering your research, poring over the facts, or “incubating” your ideas before you get in the batter’s box, having some kind of ritual or discipline can be extremely helpful to get you into the proper mindset to be a highly productive writer.”

– In case you haven’t made plans yet for Halloween, the Skint offers 50+ options.

7 Takeaways for entrepreneurs who missed Y Combinator’s Startup School, including “At some point, you get past the Minimum Viable Product, and you need people who understand how to develop and improve products.”

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